So when you get a bunch of little loans, how on earth do you get on top of them??? Sometimes it can be overwhelming so here are some helpful tips from the Pronto Finance Team. First, start with preparing an easy budget with your income and expenses. See our blog about budgeting if you need help to prepare an easy budget. Secondly, tackle your smallest loan first by paying that one off the quickest. If you can put an extra $5 on here or there do that. Put your other loans on their minimum repayment until the smallest loan is paid off. I know you may be thinking, why do the smallest loan first but trust me, once you can get the smallest loan paid off you are inspired to keep going with paying off your debts rather than getting overwhelmed by paying such a large amount on your bigger loan. Once the smaller loan is paid off, put that repayment now onto the next size loan and so on. Keep doing this from smallest to biggest until they are paid off. 1300 35 35 33